Why I Like Living In Virginia

It is an easy life to be a Christian in Virginia. The birds sing, the flowers bloom and the trees drip every kind of fruit that both man and beast love. It is almost as if God Himself wants me to think about Him and His goodness. My prayers are answered immediately and the words of my mouth are right. I am fruitful and multiply. I am blessed with prosperity and a good name. Even a little of all the above could cause a man to stumble and fall, but I have much.

All of these gifts lead me to know there is a good and gracious God who will not withhold His mercy from me. And if He is so gracious to me, an undeserving sinner, how much more will He be merciful to all those who bear His image. Best Best, I can know that God will judge me according to my works and He will acknowledge my righteousness because of His own righteousness. Yes, I can have charity for those who do not have this assurance from God, but I too seek for a breastplate of righteousness through a holy life.

Therefore, I seek to be a good steward of all the blessings God has given to me. I do all things to the glory of His name and I follow His instructions. I do not force my conscience upon others, but I live a life that can be easily morally imitated because of my example. I am a path that others may walk the same way because of the good things that God gives to me.

I believe Virginia is a state where I can live out this way of life. There is plenty of room for Me and My Brother to live apart and still enjoy the bounty of the land and the Lord’s grace. But we must strive to understand and respect each other and we should work hard to be able to enjoy the sweet grass and the tall corn and sweet potato pies and ham and eggs and strawberry preserves and other goodness that God will lavish upon us, if we trust in Him. I am optimistic because of His goodness.